“I remember my first real concert, Deep Purple fronted by David Coverdale at the Hordern Pavilion in about ‘74. Got to the front of the stage, looking up at these Gods, pumping out powerhouse rock’n’roll. For a fat kid from the ‘burbs they were like beings from another planet, I’ll never forget it.”

From then on Larry took every opportunity to watch rock bands, from underage dances at a hall in Hurstville to the pubs of Sydney.

“To this day when I’m watching a good band I still have the same feelings.  I remember the first time I stepped onto a stage with a  band in Nowra NSW.  It honestly felt so natural, like this is where I should be.”

During the next 25 years with Larry gained a lifetime of experience in a variety of cover bands doing any gig that was going from parties to pubs and weddings.  While he was pumping out the covers, he got the bug to write his own material.

“Like a lot of classic aussie pub rock bands I found myself most comfortable with blues based stuff, which gives you a lot of scope, country, blues, rock.  But the song writing took a while till I started working with an old mate Marcus Adamson.”

Marcus is gifted muso, multi-instrumental and one of the best guitarist you will ever see.

Larry and Marcus have similar tastes in music so once they started collaborating the music came pretty easily.  They both do other projects but are best known on the South Coast for the band The Howlers.  One of the best original blues rock bands in the country.

The band reeks of classic aussie pub rock and, you will regularly hear from the seasoned punters  comments like “Mate, great stuff, felt like I was back in 1980 listening to real aussie rock.” Gotta love that.

The rest of the band is made up of Marcus Adamson, Chris Vider Aria Stone and Bruce Ford.


Performing at Club Jervis Bay

Performing at Kidgeeridge Music Festival